4:00 pm

Pupil and teacher wellbeing: two sides of the same coin

Event overview

Teacher wellbeing. Student wellbeing.

Have you felt intuitively that there is a relationship between the two? Maybe you have, but wondered if there was evidence.

Our friends at ImpactEd are building that evidence base by collecting data to understand teachers’ experience and the relationship between levels of teacher engagement and pupil wellbeing.

Join us for an insightful conversation as we explore this relationship further.

You’ll hear about the data, as well as practical perspectives on what it means for you as teachers and education staff.

Our panel on the day:

  • Sinéad Mc Brearty, CEO of Education Support (Chair)
  • Steph Hamilton, Director of The Engagement Platform, ImpactEd
  • Vicky Fisher, School Partnerships Officer, ImpactEd
  • Kat Howard, Executive Director of School Improvement at CORE Education Trust
  • Sufian Saqid, Director of Teaching School at Chiltern Learning Trust

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