Impact in Practice - Report 3

Impact in Practice is a research series sharing real-time data on pupil learning and wellbeing in England, providing practical insights on how schools can make a difference.


Report 3 - Autumn 2022 Working Well: exploring staff engagement and pupil wellbeing in English schools

'Working Well' provides insights from our national database on the factors supporting teacher and pupil wellbeing, drawing on responses from over 40,000 young people.It suggests how school leaders can support improved staff engagement and staff satisfaction, the drivers of staff satisfaction that are most linked to pupil wellbeing and how high-quality leadership and management can make a difference.

What's inside

This series will publish reports using data gathered in each term of the 21/22 academic year, sharing findings on the real-time experience of pupils in England, and how school leaders might best support them.

Autumn 2021's report focuses on how disadvantage interacts with pupil learning and wellbeing, and our Spring 2022 report looks at the relative impact of reading attitudes and behaviours. Our summer report will explore the impact of staff wellbeing on pupils.

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